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Some photos of Mark and family

The Christmas were we got cowboy outfits that led to a trip to see Aunt Donna for me.

Left to right, James, Mike, Mark sitting on Momís lap, and John

Besides our cowboy outfits, we got some of our first Tonka trucks! Jim got the allied van, Mike the blue pickup with boat trailer, I got the white garbage truck, and John the brown pickup which I believe had a horse trailer not shown.



Taken at Aunt Donnaís house early 70s Left to right, Jim, John, Mike and Me

Taken next to our basement house, you can see the corner of it on the far left.

Jim and Mike in the back, Me and John in the front.

Early picture, probably taken in basement house.

Left to right, Mike, me sitting on momís lap, Jim, Dad with John

I did a large part of the work on this, which was originally conceived and designed by Mr. McCoy before he was moved up to administration. This sand box was to be elevated so that kids in wheelchairs could wheel up to it and play in the sand. It was to have two levels, a lower level that fit little kidís wheelchairs and a higher one for the regular height wheelchairs. First we put it together in parts in the IA room, then it was taken back apart and moved to itís permeate location, which was in the backyard of the school. One thing that kind of ticked me was, the teacher helped the seniors make a sign that listed them as the construction company, though they actually had nothing to do with the construction. There was a picture taken along the way by someone that showed me pretending to take a hand saw to that sign. In the end though the main thing was the sandbox turned out pretty good and was enjoyed by many students at CCHS.† story from Normal For Me

With Henry ĎChipí Carlson, presenting a copy of my book to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard


Speaking about Normal For Me with Tom Brokaw former NBC News Nightly Anchor.

Speaking about Normal For Me with Tom Dachle Form SD US Senator and US Senate Majority leader